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Every November 19 since 1863, a special event takes place in Gettysburg called Remembrance Day. It started nearly 150 years ago with a visit from President Abraham Lincoln to commemorate the Gettysburg Cemetery in honoring the Union dead. What followed next is perhaps the most notable speech in American history - the Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address.

Each November 19 since then, Gettysburg Remembrance Day is celebrated to memorialize the brave soldiers who fought and died at the Battle of Gettysburg. On Saturday during that week a parade is held featuring Civil War reenactors, Abraham Lincoln look-a-likes, and many others wearing Civil War era clothing. It is really a sight to see all the units of soldiers marching down the street in Civil War reenactment clothing.

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A Gettysburg visit would not be complete without experiencing this special event. We must always remember the sacrifices that were made by these brave fighting men and what this means to our country today. The weather may be cold, it may even snow but the support people show for this event will warm the heart and no amount of snow and cold can counter that.

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