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Confederate General Lewis Armistead is best known for his leadership and bravery at the Battle of Gettysburg. Armistead was mortally wounded on the final day during Pickett’s Charge and would die two days later on July 5, 1863.

Armistead led a brigade in Major General George Pickett’s division during the charge that would forever bear his name. His brigade acted in support of the main charge involving brigades under Pickett, Brigadier General J. Johnston Pettigrew and Major General Isaac Trimble.

Lewis Armistead, Confederate Generals, Civil War GeneralsUpon approaching the Union center at the “Angle”, he put his hat on the end of his sword and urged his men forward over the wall. Shortly after, he was wounded three times in the arm and lower leg.

As he lay wounded and was attended to by Union troops, he asked about this good friend Union General Winfield Scott Hancock, one of the most promising of the Civil War generals. They were very close before the war yet were forced to fight on opposing sides. Armistead was told that Hancock had been wounded and was in fact the commanding general that defended against Pickett’s Charge.

It was not expected that he would perish as the bullets didn’t hit arteries, bones or vital organs. It was a fever that killed Armisted just two days after the battle. Lewis Armistead will always be remembered as the General that lead his men to the "High-water mark of the Confederacy", and his bravery at the Battle of Gettysburg was among the most impressive by any of the Confederate generals.

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