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Confederate General Jubal Early was a lawyer in the years prior to the Civil War before serving under General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson initially, then under General Robert E. Lee for the remainder of the conflict.

General Early had captured Gettysburg on June 26 a few days before the 3-day battle took place. He demanded a ransom but none was paid by the citizens of Gettysburg. He then moved on to York, PA leaving Gettysburg unoccupied by Confederate forces.

Jubal Early, Confederate Generals, General Jubal EarlyOn July 1, 1863, Early played a key role at the Battle of Gettysburg when he led an assault on Gettysburg just north of town. He attacked at the salient created by Union Brigadier General Francis Barlows’ division, soundly defeating the enemy and pushing the Union right flank back through Gettysburg. Barlow had moved his division too far in advance of the support of other Union troops and payed a heavy price for his error.

Early's men inflicted awful casualties on the Union ranks and this helped collapse the entire Union defenses north and west of town creating a chain-reaction of fleeing Union troops. His men pursued the retreating Union army through Gettysburg until they reformed at Cemetery Hill just south of town.

On July 2, 1863, the second day of battle, with his two divisions he attacked east Cemetery Hill in support of General Richard Ewell’s assault on the Union center. He was initially successful but Union troops were quickly reinforced and the attacks ultimately failed.

On Gettysburg day 3, one of General Early’s brigades was detached to help with the early morning fight at Culp's Hill which was also unsuccessful.

After the battle, Early was charged with defending the rear of the Confederate army as it retreated back to Virginia.

General Jubal Early would achieve success for much of the rest of the war with effective leadership in the Valley Campaign of 1864 in which he put pressure on, and nearly attacked Washington DC. The assaults never materialized as he had hoped but Early had proven one of the more effective Confederate Generals for the entire American Civil War.

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