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Welcome to the first of many videos to be produced for the Total Gettysburg Video Series. Each will cover a 4-5 hour time-period of the battle until the 3-day Battle of Gettysburg has been covered.


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Total Gettysburg provides an introduction and brief overview on many subjects and individuals involved in the American Civil War. Beyond this, there are many great books and videos available that can help broaden your knowledge. Throughout this site, please find many suggestions for good reading materials and videos as well.

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Annual Gettysburg Visit

I just completed my annual visit to Gettysburg and the enormity of the battlefield never ceases to amaze. There are busy sections where the tourists are thick as fleas and quiet areas where one has ample time to reflect - I prefer the latter.

I captured over 500 photos which in and of itself will enhance your experience at Total Gettysburg. I look forward to implementing these images for all to enjoy and please look for my reflections on this years' Gettysburg visit that will adorn many of the pages on this site. Thank you once again for your continued support.

~ Scott Sarich, Total Gettysburg


Battle of Gettysburg at a glance

The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest and most pivotal battle of the American Civil War and it decisively turned the war in the Union favor.

The seemingly invincible Confederate Army of Northern Virginia would never be as strong, nor would they attempt to invade the north again for the remainder of the war.

The Union Army of the Potomac would finally gain respect in the eyes of all and would fight with a renewed passion and vigor.

The little town of Gettysburg and its residents saw 160,000 men from both sides converge and clash over three bloody days from July 1-3, 1863. It still stands today as the single largest engagement ever in the western hemisphere.

The 51,000 casualties were appalling and the ferocity of the battle shook a country to its knees.

Never before had there been such a tremendous loss of life - brothers killing brothers for what both believed were the right reasons. The sacrifices were incomprehensible and repercussions of this battle would change the United States forever.


This video on the Battle of Gettysburg provides a brief look into the fight and sets the tone for your experience at


See The History Channel Gettysburg Video

Gettysburg CasinoTwo grand armies meet in a small farming town in Gettysburg, PA to decide the fate of a young country. This video has had mixed reviews yet serves to provide some value in understanding specific viewpoints on the battle.

See the History Channel Gettysburg special here


Gettysburg Casino Plans Rejected

Gettysburg CasinoProposed Gettysburg Casino Location Rejected by Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Civil War Trust praises board for its enduring commitment to protecting this hallowed ground.

Read more about this monumental victory for preservationists


Civil War Medicine

Civil War MedicineCivil War medicine played a large part in keeping soldiers on the field and disease at bay, yet 19th century medicine in America left much to be desired.

Learn more about Civil War medicine and view new videos _______________________________________________________

Battle of Gettysburg Timeline

Battle of Gettysburg TimelineThe Battle of Gettysburg timeline includes a condensed Gettysburg battle summary. The 3 day fight is but a brief moment in the Civil War timeline, yet this battle more than any other would decide the fate of the country.

Take a quick look into the progression and climax of the battle _______________________________________________________

Gettysburg PA

Gettysburg PAGettysburg PA is best known as the site of the bloodiest conflict of the Civil War. Today, the city of Gettysburg PA is a town of 7,500 residents and tourism is the main industry.

See what Gettysburg PA has to offer today _______________________________________________________

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Battle of Gettysburg, Battle at Gettysburg, Battle Gettysburg, Gettysburg Battle
The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest of the major civil war battles. Find the best Gettysburg battle summary here.
Gettysburg Battlefield, American Civil War Battlefields
Take a quick tour through the major sites of conflict on the historic Gettysburg battlefield. Gettysburg battlefield tours are a great way to review the Battle at Gettysburg.
Battle of Gettysburg Timeline, Gettysburg Battle Summary, Civil War Timeline
The Battle of Gettysburg Timeline provides a brief overview of the 3 day battle. If you're looking for a Battle of Gettysburg summary, you'll find it right here.
Gettysburg Battle Reports, Gettysburg Battle Summary, Gettysburg Battle
Gettysburg Battle Reports are detailed accounts written by the commanders themselves, and provide a unique look inside the battle from the perspective of the men who led.
Jennie Wade, Jennie Wade House, Jenny Wade House, Gettysburg PA
Jennie Wade holds the tragic distinction as the only civilian killed at the Battle at Gettysburg. There are many ironies to her story and her fiance and good friend Wesley Culp play a role.
Tillie Pierce, Civil War Heroes, Major Civil War Battles, Civil War Casualties
Tillie Pierce was one the great Civil War heroes for her service to the many Union Gettysburg casualties. Her accounts of the Battle at Gettysburg are among the most detailed ever recorded.
Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address, Lincolns Gettysburg Address
The great Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address was delivered a few months after the Battle of Gettysburg. Lincolns Gettysburg Address is considered one of the most compelling speeches in U.S. History.
Remembrance Day, Gettysburg Visit, Remembrance Day Gettysburg
Every November 19 since 1863, a special event takes place in Gettysburg called Remembrance Day. It started nearly 150 years ago with a visit from President Lincoln and continues to this day.
Gettysburg PA, City of Gettysburg, Gettysburg Visit, Gettysburg Visitor Center
Gettysburg PA is best known for the 3-day Battle of Gettysburg. Today, Gettysburg's main industry is tourism. Come visit Gettysburg for an authentic taste of the Civil War.
Gettysburg Hotels, Hotels in Gettysburg PA, Gettysburg PA hotels
There is no shortage of Gettysburg hotels in and around the Gettysburg PA area and Total Gettsyburg has it all here for you.
Gettysburg Reenactment, Civil War reenactment Uniforms, Gettysburg Reenactments
The 148th Gettysburg reenactment will be one of the largest reenactments ever with tens of thousands participating. Expect participants in Civil War reenactment clothing to put on a great event.
Gettysburg Casino, Civil War Trust, Civil War Preservation Trust
It was announced that the plans to build a Gettysburg Casino 1/2 mile from the historic Gettysburg battlefield were denied and preservationists claim a huge victory.
List of Civil War Battles, American Civil War Battles, Civil War Battles
Here is a comprehensive list of Civil War battles from the start of the war, right until the final battle before the Confederate surrender.
Battle of Antietam, Antietam Battlefield, Antietam Battle
The Battle of Antietam will forever be known as the bloodiest single day in the American Civil War with over 23,000 casualties.
Battle of Bull Run, Battle of First Manassas, Battle of Manassas
The Battle of Bull Run was the first major engagement of the Civil War. Many thought it would be the first and last battle, but instead it would be the first of many hard-fought battles.
Battle of Chancellorsville, Thomas Stonewall Jackson, General Robert E Lee
The Battle of Chancellorsville was a great victory for the Conderates that emboldened them with a air of invincibility. But the loss of Thomas Stonewall Jackson would be a costly price for victory.
Battle of Chickamauga, Chickamauga Georgia, Rock of Chickamauga
The Battle of Chickamauga was the second-deadliest battle of the entire Civil War with staggering casualties totaling more than 34,000 on both sides.
Battle of Cold Harbor, Overland Campaign, Ulysses S Grant
The Battle of Cold Harbor was one of the most lopsided battles of the American Civil War as Union troops under General Ulysses S. Grant launched futile assaults on entrenched Confederate positions.
Battle of Fort Sumter, Fort Sumter Battle, Fort Sumter Flag, Fort Sumter
The Battle of Fort Sumter started the American Civil War - a terrible 4-year conflict that claimed 620,000 American lives.
Battle of Fredericksburg, Ambrose Burnside, General Joseph Hooker
The Battle of Fredericksburg was a miliatary disaster for the Union army and General Robert E Lee would continue to roll up victories despite overwhelming odds.
Battle of Shiloh, Shiloh Battlefield, Shiloh Battle
The Battle of Shiloh was a tenacious two-day battle fought in southwest Tennessee that would help determine the fate of both sides in the western theater.
Battle of Vicksburg, Siege of Vicksburg, Vicksburg Battle
The Battle of Vicksburg was a devastating loss for the Confederacy and catapulted General Ulysses S. Grant into due prominence as one of the top Civil War generals.
Battle of the Wilderness, Wilderness Battle, Wilderness Battlefield
The Battle of the Wilderness was initiated by Union General Ulysses S. Grant as part of an overall strategy to engage Robert E. Lee’s army and wear them down in a war of attrition.
Anaconda Plan, Civil War Blockade, Union Blockade, Winfield Scott
The Anaconda Plan was originally developed by General Winfield Scott prior to the Civil War. It was part of a grand plan designed to control the seceding states.
Civil War Generals, Civil War Leaders, Civil War commanders
The Civil War Generals that fought at Gettysburg realized this engagement would likely decide the victor of the Civil War. See which Gettysburg general would perform the best and rule the day.
Civil War Dates, Civil War Events, Civil War Summary
This list of Civil War dates provides a brief overview of the noteworthy events of the war. Check here for the crucial events you need to know about for a basic Civil War education.
Civil War Battle Maps, Map of Civil War Battles, Civil War Battle Sites
Here is an interactive source showing Civil War battle maps for the entire war. This is an incredibly useful tool for teaching in the classroom.
Civil War Casualties, Civil War Dead, Gettysburg Casualties
One must look hard at Civil War casualties to get the full realization of the devastating loss of human life over the course of the 4-year conflict.
Civil War Facts, Facts About the Civil War, American Civil War Facts
Enjoy this comprehensive list of Civil War facts that will bring the interesting and odd to light. This list will be added to regularly so please check back often.
Civil War Photos, American Civil War Photos, Photos of Civil War
Amazing Civil War photos have provided the visual aid necessary to help us understand the war. See photos of Gettysburg taken by Civil War photographers right here.
Civil War Letters, Soldiers of the Civil War, Battle of Gettysburg Letters
We can gain increased perspective from Civil War letters as they were written from the men and women who experienced the American Civil War firsthand.
Civil War Diaries, Soldiers of the Civil War, Civil War Diary
Civil War diaries were written by generals, officers, civilians and the common foot solider and serve to provide us with firsthand accounts of what transpired during the bloody conflict.
Civil War Spies, Civil War Scouts, Allen Pinkerton
Civil War spies served a valuable purpose for both sides during the conflict. The intellignence gathered had direct repercussions in deciding battles, and ultimately the American Civil War.
Civil War Medicine, Civil War Doctors, Civil War Surgery
Civil War medicine evolved over the course of the war and made great advances over time yet many good men died from lack of good medicines and lack of practical experience by Civil War doctors.
Civil War Food, Civil War Recipes, Civil War Quartermaster
See how Civil War food kept the common soldier moving and fighting on American Civil War battlefields.
Civil War Recipes, Civil War Food Recipes, Civil War Recipe
Civil War recipes have endured the test of time to delight the taste buds much as they did 150 years ago during the American Civil War.
Civil War Songs, Songs of the Civil War, Civil War Lyrics
Civil War songs have long endured since the days of the great American conflict right up to today and serve to connect us to the past.
Civil War Sutlers, Civil War Supplies, Civil War Camps
Explore the world of Civil War sutlers here. They were commonplace around Civil War campsites and made a very decent living selling supplies to soldiers from the north and the south.
Civil War Political Cartoons, Civil War Cartoon, Civil War Politics
Civil War political cartoons offer a satirical perspective on events and people. Generals, heads of state and politicians are the common targets and we've compiled a collection that can't be missed.
Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Toms Cabin, Underground Railroad
Harriet Beecher Stowe was an abolitionist in the 19th century and is most famous for authoring Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1852. Read on for the full story.
Civil War Quotes, Quotes From Abraham Lincoln, Robert E Lee Quotes
There is no shortage of Civil War quotes that add perspective to the war. Locate Gettysburg quotes here frome Robert E Lee quotes to other famous generals.
Quotes from Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Famous Quotes, Abraham Lincoln Quotes
Quotes from Abraham Lincoln are much sought after for their wisdom and candor. The best Abraham Lincoln famous quotes can be found here.
Civil War Videos, History Channel Gettysburg, Gettysburg Casino
These Civil War videos capture the essence of the conflict with thrilling action and compelling narrative. See multiple videos that oppose the Gettysburg casino with simple words of wisdom.
Civil War Interviews, Civil War Historians, Civil War Experts
This compilation of Civil War interviews with many experts provides a fresh perspective on a variety of topics related to the conflict.
Civil War Books, Books on Civil War, American Civil War Books
Civil War books come in all shapes and sizes and there are plenty to choose from including Gettysburg books. A few of the best books stand out and we will review them here.
Civil War Movies, Civil War Movie, Gettysburg Movie
The best Civil War movies help capture the essence of the war through strong visuals and compelling narrative that help bring the conflict to life. A great one is Gettysburg the movie.
Civil War Series
Civil War series bring the war to life with ambitious productions designed to cover large-scale representations of the American Civil War.
Civil War Games, Civil War Computer Games, Civil War Board Games, Civil War Toys
American Civil War games seek to educate through entertainment about the conflict that decided the fate of America. Have fun exploring the games and toys that bring the American Civil War to life.
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This Civil War word search will be sure to challenge your mind with 3 levels of difficulty to choose from.
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