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The Gettysburg reenactment takes place each July near the spot where the original Battle of Gettysburg was fought. The Gettysburg battlefield is hallowed ground and out of respect to the men that fought and died there, the reenactment takes place on adjacent land.

The first organized reenactment at Gettysburg took place on the centennial of the battle in 1961. We can trace the emergence of modern reenacting to the the Civil War centennial commemorations from 1961-1965 which served to match the 4 year American Civil War.

The 135th reenactment at Gettysburg in 1998 is believed by many to be the largest Civil War reenactment to date. It is generally estimated that between 15,000-21,000 participants took part in the mock battle.

Since the age of modern reenacting in the 1960’s, the level of care and authenticity has steadily improved. Today, reenactors are equipped with better knowledge, superior equipment and authentic Civil War reenactment uniforms that provide a lasting impression at living history events.

A Civil War reenactment schedule for 2011 can be found here. For more information on the 148th Gettysburg reenactment taking place on July 1-3, 2011 visit here.

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