Gettysburg National Park

The Gettysburg National Park located in Gettysburg PA is 6,000 acres in size and serves to commemorate and preserve the site of the Battle of Gettysburg. The topography is rolling hills and pastures with heights averaging between 500-580 feet above sea level. Comprised of woodlands, pastures and streams, the landscape is varied. It is also known as the Gettysburg National Military Park.

The National Park Service Gettysburg Museum and Gettysburg visitor Center is the place to start when visiting as you can get information on tours, events and attractions in and around Gettysburg and is also the starting point for guided tours.

Gettysburg museum at the Gettysburg Visitor Center

The Cyclorama is located at the visitors center and simply can't be missed. It is a 360-degree painting of the battle measuring 377 feet around and 42 feet high. It was originally displayed in 1884, and depicts the fury of Pickett's Charge on the 3rd day of battle. Curtains are used to mask the edges of the painting and visitors are treated to a "battle immersion" experience with lights and sound.

The museum houses artifacts from the battle, interactive displays and videos that serve to educate visitors as to the context of the Battle of Gettysburg in American History.

Museum, Visitor Center and Battlefield additional information

Address: 1195 Baltimore Pike Gettysburg, PA 17325

Hours: November-March (8am-5pm), April-October (8am-6pm)

Open 362 days a year with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Battlefield hours of operation: April 1-October 31 (6am-10pm), November 1-March 31 (6am-7pm)

There is an audio driving tour of the battlefield which explains what transpired at each location over the 3-day battle. A Junior Ranger guidebook can be found at the visitor center if you are traveling with school-aged kids to help them understand the battle in simpler terms.

Gettysburg National Park is a special place that is a must for anyone with an interest in American history. There is much to learn about the Battle at Gettysburg and individuals, couples and families alike will find the visit well worth the time.

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