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The Gettysburg movie is an excellent work based on the novel The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. It focuses on the the 3-day Battle of Gettysburg set in 1863. It masterfully sets up the conflict at Gettysburg by delving into the characters on both sides in laying the groundwork for the battle.

Particular attention is given to Joshua Chamberlain and the 20th Maine and their heroic defense of Little Round Top. On the southern side, much attention is given to the dialogue between Generals Lee and Longstreet and their disagreements on the strategy of battle.

The battle scenes are fantastic and their authenticity in bringing visual clarity to the nature of the fighting is unparalleled in any other movie on the conflict. Gettysburg comes highly recommended and is a must-watch for those with an interest in the American Civil War.

Sam Eliot shines as General John Buford and much attention is given to the importance of his role in the battle. Martin Sheen delivers as Robert E. Lee and Tom Berenger is simply brilliant as General James Longstreet. Perhaps no performance is stronger than that of Jeff Daniels as Colonel Joshua Chamberlain of the 20th Maine.

It is not easy to capture the essence of a battle in a 4-hour movie but Gettysburg has done just that. This is not just a movie with mindless fighting but rather focuses in on the important elements of the battle. The dialogue among characters is deep and meaningful and helps put the battle and thoughts on the war in clear sight. Gettysburg is perhaps the best movie ever made with the Civil War as the subject and it should be relished by those with the opportunity to view it.

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