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Gettysburg books are relatively easy to find as it is a popular subject for historians to write about. The Battle of Gettysburg has been explored in-depth as much as any other battle fought on American soil.

Here we will continue to impart our insight on the wide array of books available, and provide a brief overview of each so that each individual can determine whether or not this book will suit them well.

Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage

Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage provides a chronological look at the Battle of Gettysburg. If one does not have a basic understanding of what transpired in the battle, then this could prove tough as Trudeau may describe action on one end of the battlefield, then jump to the other side and it may prove hard to follow.

Like so many other good civil war books, the maps are lacking in depth and detail and one better have good eyesight to see certain portions of the maps as the writing is very small. We find The Maps of Gettysburg to be an excellent compliment to this book.

Trudeau weaves first-person accounts into the narrative that provides good balance and a well-rounded version of the battle. The writing is a bit dry at times but for those Civil War buffs who want a true and accurate representation of the battle, Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage delivers.

The Maps of Gettysburg

The Maps of Gettysburg by Bradley M. Gottfried is a superb reference book that overcomes the shortcomings of so many good Civil War books. It provides detailed maps of troop movements broken down into divisions and brigades of every phase of the battle from the stand by General John Buford's cavalry on day 1, to the fateful Pickett's Charge.

Detailed descriptions on the page opposite the map bring clarity to what transpired and time stamps on each map provide a clear impression of how the battle progressed.

The Maps of Gettysburg acts as the perfect compliment to other books that are well-written, but fail to provide good maps. A must-have for those who want to study the troop movements and strategies that decided the bloodiest battle of the civil war.

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