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A Gettysburg battlefield map provides an excellent reference point for those looking for a visual representation of the battle. There is no shortage of Gettysburg battle maps from the July 1, 1863 fight near Seminary Ridge to Pickett's Charge on the final day.

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A map of Gettysburg will help illustrate the fighting that ensued at the end of day 1 as the Confederates pushed the fleeing Union soldiers back through town. Yet no Gettysburg map can illustrate the strategic importance of the many engagements that took place on the battlefield.

First we will show maps of the Confederate assault on day 1 against the entrenched Union cavalry force under Major General John Buford. Next we will illustrate the Confederate attack on the Union left flank, and again later in the day with a map of Gettysburg battlefield showing the assault on Culp's Hill.

Finally, this collection would not be complete without maps of the ill-fated Pickett's Charge which ultimately sealed the fate of the Confederate troops at the Battle of Gettysburg.

* All maps by Hal Jespersen,

Gettysburg Day 1 map

Map of Gettysburg Battlefield on Gettysburg Day 1 good ground

Gettysburg Day 2 map - Robert E. Lee's proposed plan

This Civil War battle map is one of many Gettysburg maps

Gettysburg Day 2 map - actual Confederate attack

Maps of Gettysburg from day 2 shows assault of General James Longstreet on 20th Maine

Gettysburg Day 3 map

Map of Gettysburg Battlefield on day 3 showing Picketts charge

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