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Gettysburg Battle Reports are detailed accounts written by the commanders themselves, and provide a unique look inside the battle from the perspective of the men who led.

Written by Generals, Majors, Corporals, Lieutenants and other commanders, these battle reports are the official ones logged into permanent records for both the Union and Confederate sides.

George Meade - Army of the Potomac commanding general

The George Meade Gettysburg battle report is straight and to the point providing a solid overview of what transpired at the Battle of Gettysburg.

As the commanding general of the Union Army of the Potomac engaged at Gettysburg, Meade did an admirable job of keeping his army together against the relentless onslaught of the Confederates.

Read the George Meade battle report here

Robert E. Lee - Army of Northern Virginia commanding general

The Robert E Lee Gettysburg Battle Report is as generic a report as one will find about a battle considering he was the commanding general, and his losses were great.

Read the Robert E. Lee battle report here

Winfield S. Hancock - Army of the Potomac (second in command)

The Winfield Hancock Gettysburg battle report goes a long way toward describing the actions of both armies during the battle. It's a must-read for anyone looking for a clean and concise report.

Read the Winfield Hancock battle report here

James Longstreet - Army of Northern Virginia (second in command)

The James Longstreet battle report is valuable in its content as he was second in command at Gettysburg and had firsthand relations with General Robert E Lee.

It is now well-known that General Longstreet and General Lee has many disagreements regarding the Battle of Gettysburg including Longstreet's questioning of the decision to even fight there.

Read the James Longstreet battle report here

John Buford - Army of the Potomac cavalry commander

The John Buford battle report sheds much light on the critical fight west of town on the first day of the battle at Gettysburg.

Read the John Buford battle report here

Joshua Chamberlain - 20th Maine Infantry

The Joshua Chamberlain Gettysburg battle report speaks primarily of the heroic stand by the 20th Maine regiment on Little Round Top, July 2, 1863. Few moments in American history so epitomize heroism in the face danger as the stand by the 20th Maine at the Battle of Gettysburg. Here is Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's battle report written in full on July 6, 1863.

Read the Joshua Chamberlain battle report here

JEB Stuart - Army of Northern Virginia cavalry commander

The JEB Stuart battle report offers good detail into the cavalry operations that often take a back seat when studying the Battle of Gettysburg.

Read the JEB Stuart battle report here

Rufus Dawes - 6th Wisconsin Infantry

The Rufus Dawes battle report while leading the 6th Wisconsin of the famed Iron Brigade at the Battle of Gettysburg is a must read as his heroic actions and those of his regiment should not be forgotten. He was a Lt. Colonel at the time of the battle and his decisive actions helped buy the Union army time on the critical fight on day 1.

Read the Rufus Dawes battle report here

John Bell Hood - Confederate General

The John Bell Hood Gettysburg Battle Report was only written in an informal letter to General James Longstreet following the war. It holds information that could have affected the battles outcome.

Read the John Bell Hood battle report here

EP Alexander - Army of Northern Virginia artillery commander

The EP Alexander battle report provides a most-interesting look at the Battle of Gettysburg - Pickett's Charge in particular - and the perspectives on General Robert E Lee's strategy at the fateful battle that would thwart any chances the south had for a victory on northern soil.

Read the EP Alexander battle report here

Richard Ewell - Confederate General

The contents of the Richard Ewell battle report is critical to understanding how the first day at the Battle of Gettysburg ended without the Confederates following up their successes of the day.

Read the Richard Ewell battle report here

George Armstrong Custer - Union Cavalry General

The George Armstrong Custer battle report is filled with the heroic exploits of the brash young Union cavalry general at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Read the George Armstrong Custer battle report here

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