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Civil War sutlers became a common site in Civil War camps for the extent of the conflict. They would sell provisions and Civil War supplies to soldiers and to non-military personnel as well. Sutlers often set up temporary tents to the rear of an armies defensive position or could even sell goods right out of a wagon as they traveled about the camps.

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At times, they would build semi-permanent structures within the limits of Civil War campsites and made their goods available to the soldiers from both the Union and Confederate armies.

Sugar, tobacco, and coffee were goods commonly sold by sutlers and they would often monopolize their sale resulting in a healthy profit.

Civil War Sutlers, Civil War Supplies, Civil War Camps

Today, sutlers support the Civil War reenacting community by offering clothing and supplies for sale. They also serve the purpose of educating the public at living history events.

Civil War sutlers would serve a vital role in keeping the armies supplied, while capitalizing on the needs of the Civil War soldier.

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