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Civil War songs have long endured since the days of the great American conflict right up to today. They serve to connect us to the past and remind us of a time of tumult and separation in this country that was not experienced before or since.

All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight, 1863

Babylon is Fallen, 1863

Battle Cry of Freedom, 1862

Brave Boys Are They, 1864

Bonnie Blue Flag, 1861

Carry Me Back to Tennessee, 1865

Dixie’s Land, 1860

Do They Miss Me At Home, 1862

God Save the South, 1862

Grafted Into the Army, 1862

Here’s Your Mule, 1862

Kingdom Coming, 1863

Marching Through Georgia, 1865

Mother Would Comfort Me, 1863

Riding a Raid, 1861

Slumber On Baby Dear, 1863

Somebody’s Darling, 1864

Southern Soldier Boy, 1862

Stonewall Jackson’s Way, 1862

Sweet Evelina, 1865

Taps, circa 1862

Tenting On the Old Camp Ground, 1864

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, 1864

Wake Nicodemus, 1864

We Are Coming From the Cotton Fields, 1864

We Conquer or Die, 1863

When Johnny Comes Marching Home, 1863

When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea, 1865

When This Cruel War Is Over, 1865

The Vacant Chair, 1861

The Volunteer, 1861

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