Civil War Series

There are many great Civil War series available today. They are very popular on cable television and are almost always re-released on DVD. Some such as The Civil War by Ken Burns originally aired on PBS then became available to all via mass distribution.

The Civil War

The nationally acclaimed The Civil War documentary by Ken Burns first aired on PBS on five consecutive days. A dynamic mix of masterful cinematography, narrative, music and first-person accounts drive this 10-part series that was a culmination of 6-years of exhaustive work on this series which covers the entire Civil War.

This ambitious project put Ken Burns to the forefront of documentary filmmaking and captured the essence of the terrible conflict. When the series first aired in 1990, the response was overwhelming, Shelby Foote, who was not originally considered to take part in the series became a national celebrity overnight.

The Civil War is a favorite of civil war buffs around the world and is a must-see, so if you haven't viewed this gem, don't hesitate to get your hands on a copy and immerse yourself in this epic series.

Gettysburg - The Unknown Civil War Series

This series contains 12 complete episodes totaling over 11 hours in length. It contains 3 DVD's and covers everything from The Heroes of Gettysburg, to The Legends of Gettysburg and The Battle of Gettysburg.

It touches on civilians such as Jenny Wade and Tillie Pierce. Also General Robert E. Lee, Joshua Chamberlain and General John Buford are all featured as significant figures at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Th Irish brigades get full attention along with key commanders on both sides of the conflict. The 3-day battle is covered in full-depth utilizing compelling narrative and mixed with the opinions of key historians and Gettysburg battlefield guides.

This Civil War series comes highly recommended and is worth every penny for the novice or serious historian.

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