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Civil War Political Cartoons tell a story from a perspective that is purely biased based on the authors viewpoints. They often target heads of state, politicians and generals and their satirical perspectives know few boundaries.

There were no shortage of characters to focus on in the Civil War and many of them participated in the Battle of Gettysburg such as General Daniel Sickles and General JEB Stuart.

Politicians were an easy target and Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis and even the fictitious Uncle Sam were readily picked on.

Civil War Political Cartoons

Jeff. Davis! "As women and children.", 1865

Civil War Politics

Leaders of the Democratic Party, 1868

Civil War Cartoons

The pending contest. Although all Copperheads call themselves Democrats, nevertheless, all Democrats are not Copperheads, 1864

Civil War Political Cartoons

The meeting of the friends, City Hall Park, 1863

Civil War Cartoon

The great American What is it? chased by Copper-heads, 1863

Civil War Politics

Uncle Sam protecting his property against the encroachments of his cousin John, 1861

Civil War Political Cartoon

The old general ready for a "movement", 1861

Civil War Cartoon

Volunteering down Dixie, 1861

CIvil War Political Cartoons

Ye conference. "Not any we thank you Mr. Davis", 1861

Civil War Cartoon

Jeff’s last shift. Capture of Jeff. Davis, May 10th, 1865, at Irwinsville, Ga, 1865

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