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American Civil War movies provide valuable perspective to the conflict beyond what books can. Some are historically accurate down to the final detail, and others add a touch of Hollywood that teeters more on drama than history such as the Gettysburg movie.

Yet all offer something that can teach us about the Civil War and the men that fought for what they believed in. There is a Civil War movie for every taste and we offer some valuable perspective on some of the best.

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Gods and Generals

Gods and Generals is based on the second book in a trilogy by Michale Shaara. Stephen Lang's portrayal of General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson is memorable and left an indelible mark on this Civil War movie.

The battle scene at Fredericksburg in which two Irish Brigades on opposing sides meet is epic and really adds emotional depth to the movie. Robert Duvall did a fine job playing General Robert E. Lee and Jeff Daniels returns as Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain after portraying the same character in the Gettysburg movie.

Despite the performances, Gods and Generals misses the mark in trying to cover a vast time period (close to 2 years) in a feature-film length. Gettysburg was so successful in concentrating on the 3-day battle and it took 4 hours to do this effectively. Perhaps Gods and Generals should have concentrated on Fredericksburg or Chancellorsville and it might have had more impact in our eyes.

Nonetheless, Gods and Generals should be viewed at least once and if you are a fan of the Civil War, this movie must not be missed.

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