Civil War Letters

Soldiers of the Civil War / Battle of Gettysburg Letters

Civil War Letters may serve to offer a unique perspective on the Battle of Gettysburg and the American Civil War. They are the thoughts, prayers and firsthand accounts of the common fighting man, the generals and the civilians that offer a unique perspective to the war in ways that will serve to enlighten us on the war that changed America for all time.

Please find a variety of Civil War Letters organized by engagement or situation.

All For the Union An Uncommon Soldier From Fields of Fire and Glory

Battle of Gettysburg Letters

Manley Stacey Gettysburg Letters

The Manley Stacey Gettysburg Letters and his letters on the war itself, in their entirety, encompass the day-to-day life of a Civil War soldier in a way few documents can.

Read Gettysburg letters here

William Wheeler Letter

This William Wheeler letter revisits his experiences at the Battle of Gettysburg with remarkable detail and unique perspective as an officer in a New York artillery battery.

Read William Wheeler's letter here

Captain Joseph Graham Letter

A Confederate Captain Joseph Graham letter describing what he witnessed during Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg from an advantageous vantage point. What he wrote defies common belief.

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Samuel Russel letter

The Samuel Russel letter about the Battle of Gettysburg was written to his mother just after the battle. Some information is deemed inaccurate yet it still holds value nonetheless.

Read the Samuel Russel letter

Edgar Haviland Letter

The Edgar Haviland letter written just one month after the Battle of Gettysburg offers a detailed account of some of the fiercest fighting on Gettysburg day 1.

Read the Edgar Haviland letter

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