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Total Gettysburg is pleased to bring you Civil War interviews as part of an ongoing series. We will interview the best historians who are experts on a variety of topics related to the American Civil War. As we learn from them, so can you.

Each is an authority on their respective topics and their backgrounds as authors, professors and life-long students of the Civil War are sure to enrich our minds with interesting thoughts and ideas.

We value their time, insight and efforts in contributing to Total Gettysburg and would like to take a moment to say "thank you".

Richard McCormick Interview - November 7, 2011

Richard McCormick is well-known and respected for his contributions to the study of the American Civil War and his commitment to the study of battles fought in Kentucky are particularly impressive.

Jim Schmidt Interview - October 27, 2011

Jim is well-respected in the Civil War community for his blog on Civil War medicine. His blog is very well-researched and a good read and should be perused by anyone with an interest in the American Civil War.

Scott Mingus Interview - October 25, 2011

It is our pleasure to bring you the Scott Mingus interview. For many years Scott has served the Civil War community through his blogs and as a published author.

Harry Smeltzer Interview - September 28, 2011

We are honored to bring you the Harry Smeltzer interview. Harry is a well-respected member of the Civil War community and his highly-successful blog called Bull Runnings (named for the First Battle of Bull Run) sets the mark for the study of the first major conflict of the Civil War.

Brian Dirck Interview - June 13, 2011

For more than 5 years, Brian Dirck has dedicated much of his time to the creation of a most-informative blog on one of the greatest U.S. Presidents - Abraham Lincoln.

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