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American Civil War games help capture the essence of the conflict in a simple, yet entertaining form. From board games to computer games and toys, there are many forms of learning through entertainment that help one to understand the many aspects of the war.

Civil War Computer Games

In the modern age, Civil War computer games offer a glimpse into history in a format that people of all ages can enjoy. Today, gaming PC’s and even regular PC’s dominate the landscape and there are many good games to choose from.

Civil War Computer Games

Civil War Board Games

Civil War board games provide for an entertaining way to learn more about the American Civil War. From adult to kids games, we cover all types. Civil War board games can bring hours of enjoyment to those wanting to learn more about the battle, the soldiers and the conflict itself.

Civil War Board Games

Civil War Toys

Civil War toys bring an understanding of the conflict to the little ones with fun games, toys and activities that help foster a love of learning.

Civil War Toys

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Best Civil War Books

Best Civil War Videos

Civil War Books and Videos

Additional information on the Battle of Gettysburg and the American Civil War can be found in books and videos. Please find many suggestions for good reading & viewing resources throughout this site.

Civil War Reenacting

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