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This list of Civil War dates provides a brief overview of the noteworthy events of the war. Read on for the crucial dates you need to know about for a basic overview of Civil War events.


March 4 - Lincoln Inauguration

March 11 - Confederate Constitution Signed

April 12 - Civil War Begins

April 14 - Union forces Surrender at Fort Sumter

July 4 - President Abraham Lincoln Raises and Army

July 21 - April 14 - First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)


March 9 - Clash of the Ironclads (Monitor vs Merrimack)

April 8-9 - Battle of Shiloh

June 1 - General Robert E. Lee Takes Over Army of Northern Virginia

August 30 - Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)

September 17 - Battle of Antietam

December 11-15 - Battle of Fredericksburg


January 1 - Lincoln Announces Emancipation Proclamation

May 1-3 - Battle of Chancellorsville

May 10 - Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson Dies

July 1-3 - Battle of Gettysburg

July 4 - Battle of Vicksburg

July 13-16 - Draft Riots in North

September 19 - Battle of Chickamauga

November 19 - President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address


March 9 - Ulysses S. Grant Takes Command of Union Forces

June 15 - Siege of Petersburg

May 5-7 - Battle of the Wilderness

May 8-12 - Battle of Spotsylvania

June 1-3 - Battle of Cold Harbor

November 15 - Sherman Begins March to Sea

December 15 - Battle of Nashville


January 31 - Slavery is Abolished (Thirteenth Amendment)

March 4 - Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inauguration

April 2 - Siege of Petersburg Ends

April 2 - The Fall of Richmond

April 9 - Confederate General Robert E. Lee Surrenders

April 14-15 - Abraham Lincoln is Assassinated by John Wilkes Booth

April 18 - Confederate General Joe Johnston Surrenders

We hope this Civil War summary provided the overview you were looking for. Please check back from time-to-time for additional updates to these Civil War dates as we plan on providing active links to better describe each event.

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