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Civil War books are readily available as there are many talented authors writing about this subject. One can find very generic books on Civil War that cover the entire conflict, and focused books that cover a particular battle or even single event in a battle.

Like with any subject, there are good American civil war books and not so good books. We've compiled the best-of-the-best and will help you decide what books to add to your collection.

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Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer

Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer is an excellent book in which author Fred Kaplan analyzes the written word of the sixteenth president. From legal correspondence, love letters, poems and free-form writing, Kaplan looks at the early Lincoln and his insatiable love of learning to his mastery of writing as an individual who needed to be heard.

Kaplan tends to speculate on Lincoln with little evidence to support but overall this book takes a refreshing approach to a subject that has been written to death.

Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer delves deeply into Lincoln's talent for putting his thoughts into words and opens the door to his true genius at strong persuasion with the written word.

Kaplan has written a truly captivating book that should be read by all intrigued by the man & myth, Abraham Lincoln.

Civil War - An American Heritage Book

Civil War is a book that provides an excellent overview of the entire conflict from the division of the country to the aftermath of the terrible conflict. Civil War is authored by Bruce Catton and edited by James M. McPherson & contributing editor Noah Andre Trudeau.

Bruce Catton is a Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning author who was instrumental in launching American Heritage Magazine in 1954. His books include This Hallowed Ground and A Stillness at Appomattox.

James M. McPherson is the author of of the Pulitzer Prize winning Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution and Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era.

The book has over 800 fascinating photos, illustrations, paintings and fantastic maps of each of the major battles which provide a great perspective. Like most Civil War books, it could have more maps to show movement of troops during campaigns and battles.

Civil War captures the entire 4-year conflict from cover-to-cover just enough to provide a broad overview. It is not for the reader looking for incredible detail into every aspect of the war, but rather those looking for a well-rounded education about the American Civil War.

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