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Map of Civil War Battles / Civil War Battle Sites

The Washington Post has created a Civil War battle sites interactive map as part of their Civil War 150 section of their site along with other great information to learn from.

Once on the map of the Civil War battles, press the play button to watch the war unfold over time. Drag the scrubber or click on the months and years to change the date range.

Roll over the circles for more information on each battle. Casualties are defined as killed, wounded, missing and captured.

This Civil War battle map provides each major battle from 1861-1865 and can easily be integrated into a classroom lesson.

Some suggestions:

- Stop the map on certain years and ask the class to elaborate on why they feel there were more or less battle in a particular year.

- Ask why most of the battles were fought in the South rather than in the North.

- Have them try to quantify the number of casualties (killed, wounded, missing) and see if they can put into perspective the incredible sacrifices of the soldiers. Use a sports arena and the number of people it seats as a reference point as most kids have been to a game.

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