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Total Gettysburg was started by lifelong military history enthusiast Scott Sarich. The Battle of Gettysburg holds a special place for him and he strives to educate about the 3-day battle that decided the fate of America.

Dear friends,

First I would like to welcome you to Total Gettysburg, and sincerely hope you enjoy your time perusing the many pages that cover a variety of areas related to the Battle of Gettysburg and the American Civil War.

I began my love for military history at a very early age as I perused my fathers’ book shelves that were overflowing with volumes about WWII, The American Revolution and of course the American Civil War.

aboutMy teachers were shocked when in first grade I asked for permission to read books about Johnny Tremain in the American Revolution. Also in my early years I was enamored by “The Red Badge of Courage”, a book about a young man and his first experiences of battle in the American Civil War. I used to draw pictures about what I read and created an addition to my book that my mother says survives to this day.

Later on, military history took a back seat as sports and social activities took over but I never lost my love of studying about past battles, war heroes and brilliant generals.

Fast forward many years and now with a wife and two young kids, I write about military history full-time and I can see that same spark in my son’s eye when I teach him about all the things I loved as a child. It is that spark that drives me forward as I see a desperate need for today’s youth to hold on to the past as if it were something priceless. History serves to teach us about the past and brings it to life, and we can learn much from its lessons.

I hope the passion I have for teaching and military history come across in the Total Gettysburg site. I stop short in calling it “my site” as this site belongs not to me, but to everyone. Let me be your personal guide into the past, and I will do my best to keep you up to date with compelling narrative, photos, maps, battle reports and information that will help you learn about and even plan a trip to Gettysburg.

It is a special place and you will feel its pull once you set foot on the battlefield. I get goose bumps every time I arrive on the battlefield and a deep sense of emotion never fails to overtake me. And through education, we can help protect one of America’s most precious monuments. It is imperative that we realize the importance of these historic battle sites in educating future generations - they can not survive without our help.

The sacrifices that were made there by the many brave men on both sides can not be forgotten, and so we will honor these men by telling their story. All efforts will be made to help preserve this history for future generations, and for this I will donate a percentage of all proceeds of this site to the protection of historic Civil War battlefields. Total Gettysburg will continue to grow and I hope my appreciation of the historic significance of this battle is presented well.

Thank you for your continued support.


Scott Sarich

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